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Doug would this be revision 87 then? I’ll try these under Skype 8.39 Insider build and email you off list to let you know how goes it.


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Subject: [skypeenglish] Skype 8 JAWS script updates
I made an update to the Skype 8 JAWS scripts recently, but I just made another one today. Go to for details and the update itself. Example items included so far:
* Typing indicator sound.
* Quick Settings options for the scripts (JAWSKey+v).
* Support for the checkbox lists seen during the construction of a group chat. Warning: This works best under JAWS 2019 and may be very slow and require frequent SayLine commands in older JAWS versions, for reasons not fully * understood.
* Possibly better support for loading the scripts under JAWS versions older than 2019.

More details are in the Release Notes section of the guide at the above URL, as is the download link for the script installer.

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