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I’m just sick and bloody tired of hearing about the massive amount of complaints I’ve seen in the past 7 or 8 months. I’m about to exercise the mute posting feature if this keeps up. I read the same damn thing on FB also. BTW, I think you’d make a great mod if you had the time with Sarah’s approbal.


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I am not a moderator here, and some of your points are valid if you take the barbs out of them; but Lino, do you really have to throw hammers and/or insults like "Mikey," "suck it up," etc. to make valid points? Not a mod here,
no; but I think the list would do better with a less caustic tone.

As for Skype 7's lifespan, I actually wonder if 7.37 will last a while. I am using 8 exclusively on Windows, but my Mac still runs a Skype 7 version and even runs Clisk, which I use to track events until that ability dies. My
personal opinion is that learning Skype 8 is an extremely good idea now, we've said that loudly enough already in here to make the walls of subterranean chambers crack and crumble from the noise, and what each person does after
that is their own business.

On Thu, Feb 07, 2019 at 09:08:36PM +0000, Lino Morales wrote:
   Overly complicated? OK Mike I challenge you to install Skype 8 this
   weekend and report to me on Monday by noon EST and prove to me that its
   complicated. Anyone else up for this challenge can take it also. I
   shall remain silent till then unless someone needs help with anything
   Skype 8. Have fun Mikey.

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   Well I'm glad to see that there are at least some people on this list
   who actually appreciate my assistance. For the rest of you who feel
   that the old versions are gone, and that we should just put up with
   overly complicated software, you need to understand that not everyone
   is a quick study like you are. Learning new things can be difficult for
   some of us and we can't all just dive head first into things like the
   rest of you can. Especially when it comes to software with
   accessability issues. The scripts are there to help yes, and that's
   great, but the scripts can only go so far. It's not that we don't want
   to learn something new, it's just that there are times when things get
   really difficult, sometimes there's nothing else you can do but revert
   back to a prior version for the sake of accessability. We as blind
   people aren't the only ones who were affected negativly by skype 8. Our
   sighted counterparts have difficulty with it too. Finally, for those
   who have installed 7.36, once installed, be sure to go into the options
   menu, and turn off the automatic updates option. If you aren't
   familliar with this option, you can get there by doing the following.

   1.       Log into skype and go to tools menu

   2.       Select options

   3.       Arrow down to where it says, "automatic updates" then tab once
   to get to the button marked turn off automatic updates. Press spacebar
   on this button to turn it off.

   4.       Then tab to save and press spacebar and you'll be all set.

   I appologize for the long post, but I felt that I had to come forward
   and speak my peace and to say that I'm glad that Jerry, Mario and
   others have found my suggestion helpful. Yes, version 7.36 may be old,
   but it's a work around for now and I too am glad that it works for us.
   Have a nice day everyone.



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   It's a good temporary measure until I can get the upgrades; just enough
   to keep things going normally until then.

   That's really all it is for me.  I still get the notice that an update
   is available.  For now, I click on the Not Now option.

   It's just a helpful bridge to the new version, making things almost

   On 07/02/2019 7:15 a.m., Oran Morrison via Groups.Io wrote:


   this old version works beautifully for me so thanks to the poster.

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     Mike your message is pointless sir. If people installed this it
     won't work and will be asked to install Skype 8. So suck it up
     buttercup and embrace the new Skype. I did and others have without
     any problems.

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   Hi guys,

   For those of us who are just itching to revert back to a version of
   skype that we can use in a mannor that we're used to, here's a link to


   All you have to do is press enter on the above link, then navigate down
   the page till you see a link that says: "skype_7.36.0.101.exe Jan 16"
   Press enter and you should get a window that asks you if you'd like to
   either run or save the file. Press enter or spacebar on the save button
   and download it to your computer. Then locate the file and install like
   normal. Be sure to remove any other versions of skype you have
   installed prior to doing this. If you can't download the file for some
   reason, contact me off list and I'll send you a copy of the .exe file.


   P.S. When you install skype 7.36, you will not be bothered by the
   "Update Skype Today" message, as it bypasses it automatically.

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