Re: Latest Skype update

Sarah k Alawami

Ah, glad you got it working. They fixed some mac bugs as well, and I'm really digging (tech term here) this version now.

Take care

On 6 Feb 2019, at 8:20, Léonie Watson wrote:

Thanks Sarah. I had tried all of that except for rebooting. It looks like Doug's updated scripts solve the problems I was having though.

On 06/02/2019 16:04, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Have you tried restartingjaws, restarting skype, and restarting the computer, in that order? I have the update, used it yesterday and it works well with nvda.

Take care

On 6 Feb 2019, at 5:21, Léonie Watson wrote:


Don't want to raise alarm un-necessarily, but I think the update to
Skype 8.38 today may have broken the scripts. I can no longer get my
custom modifier key to work to take me to the message history, and
it's intermitant for getting to the edit field too.

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@LeonieWatson Carpe diem

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