an atempt to help my fellow skype users

Mike Bernard

Hi guys,

For those of us who are just itching to revert back to a version of skype that we can use in a mannor that we’re used to, here’s a link to skype_7.36.0.101:

All you have to do is press enter on the above link, then navigate down the page till you see a link that says: “skype_7.36.0.101.exe  ‎Jan‎ ‎16” Press enter and you should get a window that asks you if you’d like to either run or save the file. Press enter or spacebar on the save button and download it to your computer. Then locate the file and install like normal. Be sure to remove any other versions of skype you have installed prior to doing this. If you can’t download the file for some reason, contact me off list and I’ll send you a copy of the .exe file.


P.S. When you install skype 7.36, you will not be bothered by the “Update Skype Today” message, as it bypasses it automatically.



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