Re: Problems in updating Skype for iPhone

Sarah k Alawami

To cover both premisous here, I would report to both skype and apple just to be sure that somethingn didn't brkae. All of us on the windows side have ben having issues, not with skype so I won't be discussing that here, but that's whwat I would do for now anyway.

Take care

On 1 Feb 2019, at 3:11, Michele Barbi wrote:

Hello guys,
I am encountering an issue in updating Skype for iOS to version 8.38, and apparently I'm not the only one person who gets it. Basically, even if it seems that the update went through, when I go for checking updates on my iPhone it appears again Skype. I am afraid the update has been badly uploaded in the Apple servers, since the situation is also as follows:
  1. some italian friends tried to uninstall Skype app and reinstall it with no result;
  2. I tried to open the application and figured out I still have 8.37 installed.
How should I go in order to report this issue? Most of all, should I report to Apple or Skype?

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