locked Re: damn you microsoft!

Stephen Troy

I think those who are unexpectedly updated and seeing skype 8 for the
first time should be allowed a little jolt of surprise and a right to
comment. anyone who says skype 8 isn't different is foolish to say the

mike, it is new but skype 8 is most definitely more accessible today
than it was originally and you can get keystrokes, tips and hints from
Microsoftplus doug's own scripts from the following links.



give it a go and you will get used to it.


On 01/02/2019, Lino Morales <linomorales001@...> wrote:
Here we go again. More bitching and complaining. II swear Sarah you really
need to stop the messages like this from coming cause I know I’m not the
only one who’s sick and tired of all the cry baby complaining.

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My computer just upgraded itself to this lousy version 8. Whatever the hell
it is. I can’t even navigate through this stupid interface. What did they do
to my contact history? And where is the toolbar?
If they keep damaging software like this, I’m likely to ditch this thing
altogether and switch back to using the phone. Microsoft has ruined yet
another perfectly good piece of software.
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