Skype 8 Electron and its Jaws scripts

Moty Azrad

Hi all,


I had been enforced to update my old Skype version 7.4.

The version is Skype 8.37.

Is this the one I have in my machine?

I use Jaws19 and windows10 version 1809 with all the updates.

I installed the Jaws scripts 71 or something like that. Is it ok?

Or maybe there is a better script now?

I’m sorry that I ask this question now, because I didn’t use this list, for a long time.

Can I get some important shortcuts to use this new Skype 8 electron version?

Especially, how to answer a call and how to start a new call, Etc?


Any help is greatly appreciated.






Moti Azrad 

Musician and Piano-Tuner         









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