Re: Skype 8 question

Mike DeZinno

Hello, Regarding making Skype calls to phones:

The plan I have used now for 3 years which I found to be most affordable is the $3.50 USD per month with which I can call any phone in North America  and talk as long as I want to.

I've seen where they have pre paid programs to call other countries but for those people out side of North America I just use the free Skype user to Skype user regular service.

Many of these prepaid international Internet calling plans look cheap at 2 or 3 cents per minute that they deduct from your prepaid balance, but the minutes do add up quickly.
5 minutes of phone calls per day can cost more than the $3.50 I now pay each month.

You also need to watch out for a method of charging for the calls call "MTS".
this means that they deduct charges in whole minutes only so a call lasting 1 minute and 1 second will charge you for 2 minutes.

Of course calls today are still far cheaper than they were 35 years ago before deregulation.
Long distant calls back then cost $1. per minute in the USA and international calls were  between $4. to $13. per minute when calling other countries!

No matter which Skype plan you eventually decide upon that will meet your needs you are still most likely going to do ok compared to using a regular phone company.

Happy Calling;
Mike in SC


At 12:12 AM 1/10/2019, you wrote:

Hello Josephine,

It is not free to call a cell phone from Skype. You need to first deposit money in your Skype account:


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