Re: Skype 7 to 8 upgrades underway apparently

Josephine Hirsch

I tried to the test on the vocie chat, and no sound is coming out. It is really sucks. What am I doing wrong?

On 1/8/2019 10:47 AM, jazzyjennifer wrote:
i am all ready using skype 8 i don't need to upgrade, when i thought that microsoft was going to stop support in september, of 2018 i just decided to jump the gun, and upgrade, and just leave it that way, eve after i herd taht microsoft was going to extend, the clasic skype. i just decided to swtick with 8. and not down grade, since i new that eventuly i was going to have to upgrade,  weather i was forced, or what. to upgrade, i find skype 8 not all taht bad. actuly. sure the interface, is different, then what were use to.

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