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Mike DeZinno

Hello All,
Could someone please let me know if the following configuration of my Windows 10 lap top, running Jaws 2019, is correctly set up?
It says I'm running:  Skype version
Insert q says:  Revision 73 Skype for windows desktop 8(electron)  settings are loaded
The application currently being used is Skype exe Skype.exe

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the key combos to read messages from the groups I belong to, which in Skype 7, with Doug's older scripts, on a windows7 lap top I had no trouble figuring out over the years and am trying hard to get back to a minimal level of proficiency.
I have gone to several documents for new up dated keystrokes but again I'm not even coming close to the level of skill I once had.

Am I doing something wrong or is it just the nature of the current beast! LOL

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Mike, in SC



At 08:45 AM 12/28/2018, you wrote:

As you arrow past a divider, like "Today," JAWS should say the divider's text as you arrow down and the text with the word "leaving" before it as you arrow up. So, when you arrow down to the first message under "today," JAWS
should say "Today" in a lower voice before announcing the new message. When you arrow up away from that message, JAWS should say "Leaving today," to indicate that you are leaving that section of the message history.

If you are not hearing these messages and you know that you are crossing dividers, let me know which Skype 8 version you are running (Ctrl+Ins+V should tell you) and which JAWS version.

On Fri, Dec 28, 2018 at 12:51:16PM +0000, L??onie Watson wrote:
The release notes for version 73 of the Skype Electron scripts includes this
new feature:

"Speech and Braille indicate chat history dividers like "Today" and
"Yesterday" as they are jumped over during history navigation with arrows.
This material is spoken in a lower voice to distinguish it from the newly
selected history entry."

Can someone let me know how to access this information? Using the arrow keys
doesn't seem to cause the announcements, but I think the note references this,
so I'm stuck as to how it's supposed to work.

Using Jaws 2019 on Windows 10, in case that info helps.


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