Re: How to prevent Skype from gaining automatic focus when a message comes in

Amy Ruell <aruell@...>

I totally agree.
I have actually been fighting with my organization about using this in the first place, since it’s not terribly accessible. Unfortunately, the organization is not terribly receptive. Thanks for your help.

On Dec 22, 2018, at 3:10 PM, Desert Moon via Groups.Io <desert.moon@...> wrote:

Hello Amy,


Do you have duties other than monitoring and reacting to Skype chats? If yes, it is virtually impossible to manage all duties considering the high frequency of chats. You may need to talk to your boss about your job function.


With regards to excessive trash chats, they are distracting and hampering productivity. You may want to escalate to your boss. First, create an organization culture of minimizing trash chats. Second, encourage staff to create chat groups to talk about matter unrelated to work.




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