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John Holcomb II


That is Skype 8 electron.



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Hello All,
I recently asked a sighted friend to find Skype Electron for me at the MS website.
They couldn't seem to locate it under that name so they downloaded the Desktop version.
This is what came to me:  Skype-
Is this the correct version I need to put onto a new machine running Windows 10 and Jaws 2019?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Mike in SC

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Hello Steve,
JAWS 2019 should have Skype 8 scripts installed by default. However, if you want to install the JAWS scripts for Skype Electron by Doug Lee, here it's the direct link:
The hotkeys you asked should be Skype native commands, these are as follows if my memory does not go wrong:

  • ctrl+shift+p starts an audio call, not sure if it also works for answering;
  • ctrl+e ends the current call;
  • ctrl+shift+s is used for searching people.

Anyway you can consult this table for more info:


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