air reservations


Dear Barry and Des,


Checked on the lay of the land re tickets this a.m.. We would fly from here to Newark to Zurich- and sounds like a good direct flight and the usual expected schedule. It’s about  a month early to make the reservation; would require more miles now than if we wait a bit.


We each get one checked 50 pounder- a second would cost $100. I’m guessing we could manage with just one of the checked pieces- but doubt if you could count on having most or all of the second one. I haven’t figured out if I should try to get by without the bed wedge or not. I will already be looking to steal more pillows- I’m guessing ;)


Would you like for us to fly home on the 15th so we could be state-side if any need arose for any reason?


Started wondering if Brendan would have to fly back to FL from Zambia for debriefing after the mission is completed?


Just realized we might already be late sending Brianna’s card. Should get on its way this afternoon.


Papa has already been up on the roof blowing off leaves and clearing the driveway and street ;)

Have 4 checks to be deposited-

Bearden 125

Amy Buxton 25

Jacob Elliott 50

David Bullen 400


Love to you all,




The kiddos will have a new cash of money from us – in Switz if they want it there to try any of the entertainment options at Interlaken or elsewhere. It might be helpful if they check them out over the school break so we can plan to include these.



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