Re: Adding contacts and receiving requests in Skype 8

Doug Lee

I haven't tried to add a contact from within a conference. As for incoming contact request notifications though: They show up simply as chat lines, and raise the new contact to the top of the Conversations list just like any
other chat message does. When you open the chat, the request has an Accept button and a Block button that are in the tab order.

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 12:32:31PM +0100, Michele Barbi wrote:
Hello guys,
I noticed that with Skype 8 and Doug's scripts it is no longer possible to add
persons to our contact list starting from a conference. Can you confirm?
In addition, some users on my italian list are reporting that with Skype 8
eighter in Windows or in iPhone, when you receive a contact request the
notification won't appear. Did you ever notice this, and did you find a proper

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