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Shaun Oliver

yes, admitedly, so do I.

however, to venture further down this path would be going beyond the scope of this forum.

On 21/11/2018 07:35, João nuno antunes wrote:
right. however, I love google chrome...

Às 20:53 de 20-11-2018, Doug Lee escreveu:
You do not have to install Chrome to use Skype 8 (Electron), because Skype 8 comes with its own instance of Chrome.

On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 08:44:46PM +0000, Jo??o nuno antunes wrote:
or curiosity, tu use skype electron, must I install google chrome?

�s 19:41 de 20-11-2018, Shaun Oliver escreveu:

because, you ignoramus, every cotton pickin' time, there's an
announcement telling us of improvements to Skype, and it is posted
on this list, you are the only one that arks up and pulls out the
same old argument time and time again, how it will never be good
because it is already worse and how they need to do one thing or
another to improve it. or, better yet, bring back something that's
clearly been put to bed, and was considered being put to bed many
years before you even had an inkling of it being so. those of us
that watch trends and the like, knew that the minute MSN Messenger
was shut down, Skype was going to be the way of things. moreover, we
also knew that the interface, such as it was, which was an interface
that hadn't changed overly much for the better part of ten years, I
might add, was very likely to be done away with and something either
newer or better or even, god forbid, both, was going to take its
place. A few of us knew, even back when Messenger went the way of
the dodo bird, that change was on the cards. and when MS bought
Skype and sounded the deathnel for Messenger, we knew even then,
that Skype was going to become their flagship Messenger service.

Really, you are the minority, because you are the only one bitching,
pissing and moaning about the unfairness of it all and how you have
to exert 100% more effort. Christ, it must be so hard to press a key
on that keyboard, it's got to be a strain on the brain and the hands
to do that I'm sure.

Really, It's been said before by myself, and by others on this list,
so it's not our fault if you choose to ignore what's right in front
of you.

either get with it, or don't let the door hit ya where the good lord
split ya.

On 21/11/2018 05:41, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

Sarah, I asked you some time ago, but I haven't got any answer from

Do you accept only positive remarks about Skype on this list?

Do you like only the remarks that are the same as yours?

You say that "we are starting to not like it". Can you please tell me
who are those "we"?

Were there votes made among all members of the list and you observed
that all list members don't like my messages?

And btw, is there a rule of this list that tells that if a certain
number of members don't like the opinions of other list members, those
other list members should not send those messages? Or something like

I didn't send messages with swears, and I didn't send strong messages
against other list members, but yes, a list member sent that kind of
messages for me just because he didn't like my opinion.

You said that I sound like a broken record just because I told my
opinion for more times about the Skype version I like and the one that
I don't like. But what about the other people that expressed their
opinion but their opinion was different? They don't sound like a broken
record only because their opinion matches yours, or why they are OK but
I am not?


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From: [1]Sarah k Alawami

To: [2]

Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 7:09 PM

Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] New accessibility improvements in Skype 8.0
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Then sit down, write your feedback to skype directly and not here. We
have already heard it. If you you don't like it there is always zoom or
the delete key. You tend to sound like a broken record and we are
starting to not like it. You in this case and on this list are the
minority as you are I hink the only one who is hating skype and its new
ways. Either get used to it, get left behind, or leave. I'm speaking as
a list member, not a mod.

Take care

On 19 Nov 2018, at 22:10, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

Yes you are right. We are a minority and we will always be
disadvantaged because of this. This is what I am saying. But this
doesn't mean that we shouldn't say this just because we can't change
Nothing will be changed in our favour if we all would continue to
pretend that it is all right when it is not all right for all of us.


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From: [3]Shaun Oliver

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Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 1:07 AM

Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] New accessibility improvements in Skype 8.0
| Skype Blogs

that's not my point at all. in fact, you know what? forget it.

I'm done. Time and Time again, people have given you solutions and
whatnot and other feedback to help you improve your efficiency with
Skype, and you still complain that it is worse than what you had.
build a bridge, get over it, The new Skype is here to stay, and no
amount of belly aching on your part nor anybody else's will extend
the life of Skype Classic. Microsoft have put it to bed, and rightly
so. We, whether you like to admit it or not, are a minority, and we
do not affect a major corperation's bottom line as much as we'd all
wish we could, save for those to whom products are specifically
designed and marketed towards us.

Whenever I see an email from you regarding Skype, it is a never
ending litany of charges against it's ease of use, that it's worse
than what you had, it's less accessible, it's less efficient, it's
this, it's that, or it's the other.

That is why I say you should expend that energy you put in to
thinking up and cmposing that litany of charges, in to learning
Skype or whatever varients thereof, and actually be constructive and
positive, instead of negative and disruptive.

We've heard every single complaint you've raised before, and
reitterating them here, is not going to change what currently is. If
you feel that strongly about it, contact the MS Disability Access
Desk and kindly present them with your arguments.


On 20/11/2018 07:42, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

"Octavien, if you put as much energy in to learning the new skype as
you do complaining about it, you'd have nothing to complain about.".

I already told you that this is not true. I put a lot of efforts in
learning to use Windows 7, and I use it every day in the last years,
but I still consider it worse and less accessible than Windows XP.

After I will learn to use Skype 8 I will be able to use it very well,
but that "very well" would still be worse than using Skype 7 for me.

Don't think that all the people use the applications the same way you
use them.


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From: [5]Shaun Oliver

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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2018 10:34 PM

Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] New accessibility improvements in Skype 8.0
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so do I, on both platforms, windows and mac. IOS and android, well,
that's a whole other ballgame, but, it's certainly better than it
ever was.

Octavien, if you put as much energy in to learning the new skype as
you do complaining about it, you'd have nothing to complain about.

On 20/11/2018 05:54, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I don't mind the web inerface, in fact, I find myself navigating a lot
faster in the web interface than the older interface but thats just me.

On 19 Nov 2018, at 9:49, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

Any improvement is good, but these are small improvements while bigger
issues will never be solved.

The biggest issue: Skype 8 uses a web interface.
This issue might be worked around if the scripts will turn the virtual
buffer off automaticly and it will use only the PC cursor, and of
course, if this way Skype will be fully accessible this way.

The best news is that for the moment Skype 7 still works. Too bad that
it will probably stop working soon.


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From: [7]John Holcomb II

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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2018 7:29 PM

Subject: [skypeenglish] New accessibility improvements in Skype 8.0 |
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Jo�o Nuno Antunes


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