Re: extension code

Mike DeZinno

Hello Martin,
re putting in next codes:

I often use my Skype calling feature to call into conference calls with access codes some as long as 9 digits followed by a # sign.
Here's how I accomplish that:
I first dial the main number to get into the conference, then I wait until it asks for the extension or access code or pin number,
which then you can simply dial into by using the number keys across the top row of your keyboard,
the # sign is just a simple shift 3 entry,
The only thing to watch for is to be sure your screen reader is focused on the Skype dial pad.
It does take a little practice and it can be a little nerve racking because the prompts sometimes don't give you much time to type in the codes or extensions.
But in time one does learn how to relax and just get ready to anticipate the next required action.

I hope this helps,
Mike, in SC

 At 01:37 PM 11/8/2018, you wrote:

When you are making a call in the U. S. how du you putt in the extension code.

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