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LĂ©onie Watson

You call a Skype Out number from a landline, exactly as you would call any other number.

To call a landline number from Skype, using Skype Out, follow these steps:

1. Press Alt f, to open the File menu.
2. Select "New call..." from the menu.
3. Tab to, then select, the Dialpad button.
4. Tab to the Phone Number field, and enter the number you want to call.

Note: you must enter the number in international format. For example +441110000, to dial someone in the UK.

5. Hit Enter to make the call.

On 04/11/2018 14:58, Martin Nemecek wrote:
I am asking how due I make a telephone call using skype out to Australia on his land line. The virtual assistant was no help.
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