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ken lawrence

It sounded like he was asked for a verification code on log in.  he says now that it has been fixed. I don’t think it was in the chat window because he’d have likely ignored it.  I know I didn’t have any trouble this morning on my show.  I had gotten a capcha on facebook once when I tried to message someone but the only codes I can think of was the one you are asked for when you verify a phone number.  I did it on my account and was able to have skype call me and give it verbally. But don’t think it was in the chat window while he was online. Sounded like he was asked for a verify on log in. 


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When you say "asked for a code," what exactly do you mean is happening?


Is a dialog popping up asking for something? If so, it would help to let us know what the dialog text says.


Is a chat message arriving in the active window asking for a code to be sent as a reply? If so, I recommend caution, as this could well just be a spam / phishing attempt by a Skyper out there, and not anything from Skype



On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 11:29:36AM -0400, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:

   Hi list, ken here.  On the out of sight station I have successfully

   logged into and out of our station account, but last night one of our

   jocks got prompted to enter a code. We do have a phone number connected

   to the account so that listeners can landline or call via a cell rather

   than skype.  I haven't ever been asked for a code and any code that

   might be sent would go to a non working number. The phone number only

   works when that skype account is active. How or why did one of our

   jocks get asked for a code?



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