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Doug Lee

When you say "asked for a code," what exactly do you mean is happening?

Is a dialog popping up asking for something? If so, it would help to let us know what the dialog text says.

Is a chat message arriving in the active window asking for a code to be sent as a reply? If so, I recommend caution, as this could well just be a spam / phishing attempt by a Skyper out there, and not anything from Skype

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 11:29:36AM -0400, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi list, ken here. On the out of sight station I have successfully
logged into and out of our station account, but last night one of our
jocks got prompted to enter a code. We do have a phone number connected
to the account so that listeners can landline or call via a cell rather
than skype. I haven't ever been asked for a code and any code that
might be sent would go to a non working number. The phone number only
works when that skype account is active. How or why did one of our
jocks get asked for a code?

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