Re: Chat messages are not read automaticaly with Jaws 18 on Windows 7


I know that among the blind is many users of Windows 7 with Jaws 18.0 and they no plans to upgrade to Windows 10. For example, those whose computers
are too old for Win 10.
These people are now using Skype 7, but will soon be left without a convenient tool for communication. Therefore, it would be very nice to fix read
messages from Skype on Windows 7.
I am willing to help in this, acting as a tester.
By the way, in Skype 8.25 messages were read normally.
I cann ot say exactly when its broke , because upgraded my desktop computer to Windows 10.
But on my laptop still installed Windows 7 and i don't want change it to windows 10.
Kind regards,

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