Re: Chat messages are not read automaticaly with Jaws 18 on Windows 7

Doug Lee

If you refer to messages arriving in the currently displayed conversation, I'm not sure what's going on there. The rest of this message applies to notifications produced by Skype when a message arrives in a conversation that is
not currently in focus on screen.

Under Windows 10, a lot of notifications like that go through a new Windows standard system for handling notifications; and JAWS speaks those notifications automatically. In Windows 7, many apps have their own methods of
handling notifications; and screen readers would have to include specific code to handle each app's notifications separately. In JAWS, this means custom scripts run from default.jss. My Skype 8 scripts do not include support
for Skype's notifications under Windows 7. I don't currently have a good way to test that environment, and I don't know how many blind people use Skype under Windows 7 or for how long they will. I don't have plans to address
this, but if I did it would not be by adding to the Skype 8 scripts; it would be by creating a separate set of scripts for Skype 8 and Windows 7 users, so those scripts could be left out on Windows 10 where they are not needed.

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 03:05:50PM +0700, ???????? ???????????????????????? wrote:
Hello All!
In the latest version of Skype 8.32 on windows 7 has the problem.
Messages coming to the current conversation are not read
In please Tell me how to fix it.
I use current 60 revision of the scripts for Skype Electron.
On Windows 10 in the same conditions everything works correctly.

Kind regards, Alkor


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