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Sarah k Alawami

Ok, this gets odder and odder. I looked for the command list which I found here and it lists the remotelogout command but when I tpe it into my version of skype 8 it does not work at all. I have tosay my android device is turned off so that should not make any difference in theory, but thought I'd throw that out there.

Take care

On 17 Oct 2018, at 1:12, Smiling? wrote:

1. Enter into your own Skype account from a computer, via the Skype desktop
2. Open a random chat window.
3. Type the following command:
After sending a message, you should receive a response that shows you how
many places you are online. If you show that you are registered in more than
one location, type the following command:
4. To make sure that you have successfully logged off from all other devices
except the current device, again execute:
again and you should see a message with just one device.

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Mac os 10.14 latest.

I notice that all of a sudden my skype is not syncing at all. I get the
messages on my phone but not on my mac. I forgot if there was a command
to sign out all of my devices except my computer. So what is up here and
how can this be fixed?

Take care and be blessed.

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