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Sarah k Alawami

I wonder how i can get both to sync again? And I wonder why it failed in the first place?

Take care

On 17 Oct 2018, at 8:53, Smiling? wrote:

Interesting, guess the /remotelogout command no longer works. Guess I
should've tried it before posting.

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By the way, the remotelogout is getting an "invalid command" message.
Are we sure this still works? I saw myself signed into two places, one
of them being faulse but my push notifications beeing true. I don't even
see the /remotelogout command in the list of command when I type the
slash key, just the three, that beeing refresh, me, and something else.
I can't remember what now.

On 17 Oct 2018, at 1:12, Smiling? wrote:

1. Enter into your own Skype account from a computer, via the Skype
2. Open a random chat window.
3. Type the following command:
After sending a message, you should receive a response that shows you
many places you are online. If you show that you are registered in
more than
one location, type the following command:
4. To make sure that you have successfully logged off from all other
except the current device, again execute:
again and you should see a message with just one device.

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Subject: [skypeenglish] skype is not syncing


Mac os 10.14 latest.

I notice that all of a sudden my skype is not syncing at all. I get
messages on my phone but not on my mac. I forgot if there was a
to sign out all of my devices except my computer. So what is up here
how can this be fixed?

Take care and be blessed.

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