Re: Skype 8 ringing device

Nick Giannak III

Ironically, I'd love to have that behavior back, as wel as getting notifications for every message that comes in, not just the first new message in a conversation.

On 10/12/2018 10:31 AM, Doug Lee wrote:
Early Skype 8 versions rang through the default device even if you changed the speaker device to something else. I have not retested that in quite some time.

I really like Skype 8, and have been using it for months exclusively; but one problem I do have with it is that incoming call sounds still come through when I have set myself to Do Not Disturb. Letting you know this in case it
affects your broadcasting plans at all.

On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 06:55:37AM -0700, Nick Giannak III wrote:
Hello all.
I'm sending this here because I suspect some of you have contact with
Microsoft. I upgraded to Skype 8, and I honestly find it not bad at all
accessibility-wise, far from the horror show it was depicted as. I can
even use it with speed, which isn't always easy to do in this day and
age. I'm even going to find out how it does on air in a few hours...And
here's the rub.
Is there any way to have Skype 7 behavior, wherein Skype will ring
through one sound device, but not the same one as conversations play?
I do appreciate that this is lightyears better than Skype 8 was when it
came out, based on things I've seen. I hope it continues to get better!



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