Re: Skype 8 language and prefix key

Jean Philippe

Doug. That was it. Bravo!

It does not explain why the default key was not working before, but I was able to assign mine.

It is the one just under the escape key, which unfortunately does not have the same assignment on all keyboards but I find it's place convenient for a prefix key.

Best regards,


Le 11/10/2018 à 00:39, Doug Lee a écrit :
Works in all Skype windows... but I think I just spotted the issue:

MKCSOptions needs brackets around it, to conform to .ini file syntax which is the syntax of jcf files:


But if your bracket keys are typing something else, who knows what you ended up with. :-)

ASCII values of interest:
[ is 91
] is 93

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 12:05:19AM +0200, Jean Philippe wrote:
Hi Doug,

take your time. Here is the last thing I did,

wrote this ridiculous line in the JCF file :


Saved it and went back to Skype. But the letter r did not act as a prefix key
either. One question, does the prefix key work in all Skype windows? Could I
be in the wrong window?

But no rush hey.


Le 10/10/2018 ?? 23:29, Doug Lee a ??crit??:
Ideas to try besides a temporary letter:
` or accent
~ or Shift+` or Shift+accent
< or Shift+,
F2 Shift+F2 etc.

A bit of tech info to help your curiosity:

When you type a key, one thing that happens is a KeyPressedEvent call, into which a key name is passed. It is this name that we need, because my code uses that name to recognize the prefix key. The name is usually the literal
key for letters and numbers in my experience, but I don't know how that works in all languages.

I'm sorry my answers have been brief today. I'm working on several other projects and have not had a chance to dig very deep into this.

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 09:42:46PM +0200, Jean Philippe wrote:
Hi Doug,

Jaws says something like superscript 2, But I don't know if I spell it right.
Does it help?

Anyway, I would still like to know why the default prefix key does not work

I could even try another key if you want, even a letter would do I imagine,
and I can take one that is the same for French and English keyboards. What do
you say?



Le 10/10/2018 ?? 21:24, Doug Lee a ??crit??:
And any ASCII value above decimal 127 is out of the normal range for printable characters; so I expect that key has a name in JAWS. We just need to know what it is.

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 09:17:48PM +0200, Jean Philippe wrote:
Wow. stranger. The ASCII value is 178 .

Le 10/10/2018 ?? 20:48, Doug Lee a ??crit??:
In my mail program, the first key name you gave prints as ?? so I can't tell what it is. ` printed fine.

Most likely, the key name we want is the one that goes through the KeyPressedEvent function as the value of strKeyName when you press the key; but it takes some considerable fiddling to get that name to print, unless
I missed a tactic somewhere.

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 08:31:46PM +0200, Jean Philippe wrote:
Hi Doug,

the key I would like to assign is??, which is the same as` on a French

But even in other jaws versions where I haven't changed the JCF file, the
default key,left bracket, is not working. I know how odd it may sound.



Le 10/10/2018 ?? 19:35, Doug Lee a ??crit??:
I still bet the problem is that JAWS wants a particular name for that key instead of just the key itself.

Apologies if I missed it amid all else today lol, but what key are you trying to assign as the Command key? If it is a shifted key, use "Shift+" with the regular key or key name; e.g., CommandKey=T is bad, but
CommandKey=Shift+t is good.

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 06:40:39PM +0200, Jean Philippe wrote:
Hi Michele.

I can confirm that no Extra file has been created and that the CFG Replace the
Previous one, as its Modification date is today.

I think I tried everything I could, including removing all files from the
Skype seven scripts, who knows, and switching to the English version of jaws
where scripts Were also installed.

What else can I try? Something in Jaws commun?? settings that could get in the
way maybe
? I have no idea.



Le 10/10/2018 ?? 14:28, Michele Barbi a ??crit??:
Hey guys, first of all I'd like to thank Doug because I did not know these
step for copying the file location. We always learn something new, lol!
Jean, be careful to one thing which I noticed. I don't know why, but at
least here in Italian, ctrl+s opens a window like Save as, and if asked to
replace already existing file, you should say yes.
I am now reading that you did not manage to fix the issue, so make sure if
Notepad did not create an alternative file called skypeelectron.jcf.txt.
Yesterday I had to count with it working on a jsm file for another scripts

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