Re: Skype 8 language and prefix key

Jean Philippe

Hi Michele.

I can confirm that no Extra file has been created and that the CFG Replace the Previous one, as its Modification date is today.

I think I tried everything I could, including removing all files from the Skype seven scripts, who knows, and switching to the English version of jaws where scripts Were also installed.

What else can I try? Something in Jaws commun  settings that could get in the way maybe
? I have no idea.



Le 10/10/2018 à 14:28, Michele Barbi a écrit :
Hey guys, first of all I'd like to thank Doug because I did not know these step for copying the file location. We always learn something new, lol!
Jean, be careful to one thing which I noticed. I don't know why, but at least here in Italian, ctrl+s opens a window like Save as, and if asked to replace already existing file, you should say yes.
I am now reading that you did not manage to fix the issue, so make sure if Notepad did not create an alternative file called skypeelectron.jcf.txt. Yesterday I had to count with it working on a jsm file for another scripts set.

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