Re: refusal of ypdating to a new version of Skype

Doug Lee

The actual problem with arrowing in Skype chat history is the reverse of what was reported here: Arrowing down stops where it should, but arrowing up can loop back around to the bottom.

The other issue with Skype 8 chat history arrowing is that arrowing down from the last message while someone is typing will move onto the typing indicator. Arrowing back up while the indicator is still there returns you to the
last sent message; but if you don't move off the typing indicator before it goes away, focus will be blown out of the chat history list entirely when the indicator vanishes.

This can be solved in two ways: Either keep focus from going to the indicator in the first place, or return focus to the last message, or maybe the just-typed one, when the indicator goes away. I'm not sure who would prefer

On Tue, Oct 09, 2018 at 09:24:52AM -0700, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I actually don't have that issue, and I'm using nvda build 18 latest snap.
And I'm using skype 8 I can read the chats fine by tabbing to the list and
just going to the bottom. It stays there.

As for sending files I have not had to do that yet, Ill see bout that as
normally I jut send dropbox links

On 9 Oct 2018, at 9:12, jazzyjennifer wrote:

skype 8 is not all that bad.?? how ever, a few things i dont like with it,
sending files is broken, when you get in to the dialog box. it will?? not
read, your folders so you can go sollect the file you want to send, when
using NVDA then with the chat section, if your viewing?????? the history
of a sertin chat, its a pain, cause it will loose focus of the last chat
that was recieved, and it will rap you clear to the?? beginning of the??
convorsation, or the middle of the convorsation, so you have to hit your
down arrow. over and over again, to get to the end of the convorsation,
you can not hit control page up. or page down, nore home or end eather, to
take you to the beginning or end of teh chat, i tryed that, so i found
that skype for windows 10 from?? the microsoft store works a bit better
for me anyways, because at least with taht, when viewing convorsations in
sertin chats, it at least raps you to the end, of the chat, it will focus
you with what was?? last said.

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