Re: refusal of ypdating to a new version of Skype


skype 8 is not all that bad.  how ever, a few things i dont like with it, sending files is broken, when you get in to the dialog box. it will  not read, your folders so you can go sollect the file you want to send, when using NVDA then with the chat section, if your viewing    the history of a sertin chat, its a pain, cause it will loose focus of the last chat that was recieved, and it will rap you clear to the  beginning of the  convorsation, or the middle of the convorsation, so you have to hit your down arrow. over and over again, to get to the end of the convorsation, you can not hit control page up. or page down, nore home or end eather, to take you to the beginning or end of teh chat, i tryed that, so i found that skype for windows 10 from  the microsoft store works a bit better for me anyways, because at least with taht, when viewing convorsations in sertin chats, it at least raps you to the end, of the chat, it will focus you with what was  last said.

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