Re: refusal of ypdating to a new version of Skype

Shaun Oliver

I might also add, that apple and google also are similar in how they make you update, be it hardware or software.

the only way you're going to get any joy and keep what you want around for years is with GNU/Linus, and what's that cost? 50 cents to burn it to a DVD dump it in your drive, boot up, run the live installer, reformat the drive, and bingo a fully customiseable operating system that you can make look, feel and work how you want and keep it that way. oh, and with even more limitations than apple or google or ms. either way, there's good and bad points for all of them.

On 9/10/2018 21:58, Shaun Oliver wrote:
well, congratulations on limiting yourself, because, quite frankly, as much as I enjoy using my mac, and find it not only intuitive and a pleasure to work with, There are some tasks that are just easier done on windows. That's not to say they can't be done with apple, but sometimes, I find, it's more trouble than it's worth to even attempt it at times, so I go with what I know works.

I do nto dislike either ecosystem and will happily work within both. I don't always agree with something either one does, but I will not sit there and ask them to go back to code that is full of holes at best. I'd rather be in a position to provide them feedback so that they can improve upon what they are releasing than ask them to keep something that quite frankly in the current environment looks quite ugly, not only from an eyecandy perspective, but from a code perspective as well.

On 9/10/2018 21:53, Joseph Machise wrote:
you no if I get the money i will.
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they are the developers of not only the ecosystem you now find yourselves a part of, but, they are the developers of Skype, and they are well within their rights to deploy it as they see fit.

As has been stated time and time again, to the point I'm reminded of a saying about dead horses, if you do not like it, uninstall it, don't use it. if you hate ms that much, reformat your hd and go linux or go out and buy a mac.

don't sit there and be happy to utilise one part and bitch about another, get with the program, things are not going to go backwards, they are going to go forwards, and we have to move with it, or we are going to be back where we were before we even had talking computers.

On 9/10/2018 21:43, Joseph Machise wrote:
well, that's the trouble with Microsoft, who are they to tell us what to do.
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as has been stated in the official notice from ms, they will no longer be supporting Skype 7 or classic as it's now known. this means that you will either be forced to update, or your classic skype will begin to stop working until it no longer works entirely.

On 9/10/2018 12:49, Josephine Hirsch wrote:
Hi all,

What if you refused to update to a new version of Skype? I like the Skype Classic because it is easier for me to navigate on Skype Classic than Skype 8.30, and I could never get anyone to hear me on Skype 8.30 any longer, and I tried everything and no go with Skype 8.30



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