Re: Skype Classic scripts moved

Doug Lee

I do not have https set up; only http.

On Sat, Oct 06, 2018 at 04:54:08AM -0400, Brian K. Lingard wrote:
Dear Doug && List:

Just tried browsing all three of the web sites you listed:
and httops://

All resulting in errors from Dream Host that these Pages DO NOT EXIST.

Did I encounter a maintenance window where their site is down?


From: Doug Lee
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2018 1:58 PM
Subject: [skypeenglish] Skype Classic scripts moved

My main Skype script page,, is now a
jump-off point for all of my Skype-related projects (scripts and NVDA
add-on for Skype 8, scripts for Skype UWP, scripts for Skype 7, and

The new home for Skype 7 (Classic) scripts is

You can of course still reach the Classic scripts from the main page.

Other related script sets remain where they have always been:
Skype 8 scripts and NVDA add-on at
Skype UWP scripts at

Doug Lee
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