Re: such a waste of intelligent energy

Stephen Troy

i'm afraid no company is going to develop or change their product to
ensure one person is happy with everything.

we all have different likes and dislikes where software is concerned
and manufacturers/developers can not please everyone all of the time.
nor can people such as doug give up their time to write scripts that
will suit each individual's needs.

my old IPhone 4s sat in the draw for three months because I thought it
was way more complicated than the nokia and I didn't think i'd ever
get used to using it. when the nokia completely died and wouldn't
even turn on, I had to switch to the IPhone and now I wouldn't use
anything else.

it really is time to move on and try and get used to skype 8 or give
it up completely. Microsoft are not going to give classic another
lifeline and, as sean says, if people have suggestions, best to send
them to the developers rather than complaining on this forum every

On 06/10/2018, Shaun Oliver <blindman75@...> wrote:
and that, is what I'm talking about. instead of talking to them, you're
moaning here on a forum that has little to do with that which you are
complaining about accept for the aspects relating to Skype.

Instead of complaining about it, Reach out and discuss with the
developers themselves. they really aren't big scary ogres

On 6/10/2018 06:18, Octavian Rasnita wrote:
"insure that the things you want and need are there in future
iterations of said software and your lives and mine, will be
considerably better for it".
Windows 7 is almost at its end of life, but it is still worse than
Windows XP was for me.
It won't be improved anymore, so it will be worse forever.
I used it for many years and I got very used to it, but it still works
bad, JAWS reads some strange words in some applications (TextPad), the
command prompt works also worse, the version of Outlook Express I use
has some limitations, the other email client have some missing
features etc.
And I can tell you that I tried very many other alternative programs
that could work a little better, but none of them have all the
features I need.
If I'd need to use the computer just for entertainment, all these
things wouldn't be a problem, because if something would not be
accessible, I can choose to  use something else and that's all.

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to be fair to all and sundry on list, for the most part, the below
has happened. people ask, and concise answers were given out.

Granted, it isn't always immediately apparent, hence the reasons
for the questions in the first place.

What is a continual bugbear, however, is the incessant moaning as
opposed to the more practical reaching out to the developers at
the grass roots of the project, calmly explaining what they'd like
to see happen in order that their experience with the end-product
remains comfortable and unhindered by obstacles they are unable to
overcome. Yet, there is point blank refusal to at the very least
try, slurs and strongly worded suggestions as to what said
conglomerate can do with their current iteration of said
end-product, and wishes for deprecated and quite frankly, insecure
implementations of underlying software infrastructure, to bring
back a product that was flaky at best and a downright headache,
even for the more tech savvy among us at worst. There is little
need to point fingers, but, it seems to be currently, a trend I'm
seeing, and while it is not necessarily endemic to our own
community, it is something that is more prevalent than it needs to

Quite frankly, older software and operating systems are being done
away with, because they have security holes and are based on now
defunct code and deprecated practices. Windows XP, for instance,
hasn't been supported for the better part of three years, yet,
there are still people out there using it on the internet, even
knowing that it is a security risk to their home or corporate
networks. It's only going to be a couple of years, before win7 is
similarly no longer supported, and people the world over, even
though they are better informed, are going to continue to use it,
knowing they're placing themselves and everyone else they interact
with at risk.

I digress, however. What I'm ultimately saying is this.

Don't fight change simply for the sake of fighting it and because
what yu are using is comfortable, be an instrument of change, and
calmly, logically and reasonably enter in to discourse with those
in the know, and insure that the things you want and need are
there in future iterations of said software and your lives and
mine, will be considerably better for it. not to mention the
myriad others that would doubtless thank you for your efforts in
insuring they have as smooth a transition and as great an
experience as they enjoy currently.

On 6/10/2018 02:57, Mike DeZinno wrote:
Amen, Lewis!
I've been using a talking computer since 1987, and the same scare
and fear tactics have ripped through the blind community every
year for those 31 years since my first computer spoke its first

Change is inevitable, and life is all about constant change.
And as my sainted mother told me when I was a 11 year old blind
kid who couldn't join a little league team;
"the value of your life isn't determined by the few things you
can't do, but rather by the many things you can do!"

We would all be better served here in our Skype community if we
just asked how-to questions and just gave each other non
judgmental answers.
State the problem or situation and then sit back, chill for a
few, and wait for someone to share some  solutions.

Besides science has proven, you live longer when you learn how to
just accept life's little jabs to your soul. LOL

Stay well and have a great fun weekend,
Mike in SC

At 11:38 AM 10/5/2018, you wrote:
Hello friends,
I see so much wasted energy being wasted on a subject that has
been argued to the point of trying to ride a dead mule.
The new skype is here and its not going away. No company in the
world goes backward, and its not going to happen with skype.
All this intelligent energy should be expended towards helping
each other to access, understand and use the new program to our
fullest abilities, so that we are ready and able to improve our
use of the program, as the needed accessibility fixes come along.
As long as blind people have been using computers, the
improvements regarding accessibility have come along, and guess
what, we haven’t been left behind yet.
That’s because of good common sense advocacy for accessibility
and the willingness of blind computer users to use what we have
so we are comfortable with existing programs,
which makes it much easier for when much needed improvements are
developed in order to turn our experience into a smooth transition
We all want the same thing as it relates to accessibility. Just
think how much someone like myself could have learned if all of
these angry messages were full of helpful questions and answers
for using the new skype?
Catcha later from Lewis!




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