Re: help with the new 8.3 version of skype.

Stephen Troy

joseph, I think you may be waiting a long-time for a new version of gw
connect. if memory serves, the company providing that particular
software were bought by AI Squared who were subsequently taken over by
freedom scientific who are in bed with microsoft, so there's not
likely to be an alternative to Skype produced, or marketed, any time

if Skype 8 is so difficult, and I can't comment because I've not
tried 8 yet, perhaps people should think about switching to using the
phone app with an external keyboard if they don't fancy the double
tapping all the time required to type messages or find dictation a

receiving and making calls are certainly straightforward.

On 03/10/2018, Joseph Machise <> wrote:
well dug until we get a new version of GW connect, and say the hell with
Microsoft do you have a hot key for answering a call
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My experience says Ctrl+Shift+P never answered a call in Skype 8, but that

if you happened to be displaying the same contact that called you and you

typed Ctrl+Shift+P, Skype tried to initiate a call to that person and
connected to the incoming call as a result. This could easily give the
illusion that Ctrl+Shift+P answers calls if you are testing the feature
and thus are likely to be showing that exact contact when a call arrives.

On Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 02:03:13PM +0200, Michele Barbi wrote:
I'll try ctrl+shift+p the next time I sign in on Skype and a call arrives,

only used it for starting a call. Anyway I can confirm ctrl+e for ending
call, I tested it sometimes.

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