Re: FW: A Skype update may be required

Octavian Rasnita

Yesterday somebody tried to send me a file by Skype (7) for more times but I couldn't receive it. I also tried to send a file as a test, but I received the message that the file couldn't be sent. With no reason why.
So in reality the full support for Skype 7 might be stopped before November 1 and we might need to pass to the worse version right now.
I don't know if this file sending problem occurs for all Skype users, but if you need to be able to send/receive files, you might need to check it.

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Subject: [skypeenglish] FW: A Skype update may be required

Hi all, don’t know if anyone got this message in their email, but thought I would post it here.



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Subject: A Skype update may be required


Get the latest Skype | We see that you recently used Skype version 7. If you’ve already updated to Skype version 8 please ignore this message.

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We see that you recently used Skype version 7. If you’ve already updated to Skype version 8 please ignore this message.

We’re letting you know that support for Skype version 7 will end on Nov‍emb‍er 1, 2‍01‍8 on desktop devices and Nov‍emb‍er 15 on mobile and tablet devices. When support ends, we’ll begin requiring updates to version 8. Although you may be able to use older versions for a little while, we encourage you to update tod‍ay to avoid any interruption.

We are working to make Skype better for you. With Skype version 8, you’ll be able to record calls, have private conversations, make HD video calls, transfer files up to 300 MB, and more.

Your conversation history will still be available on your device after you update. Check system requirements to make sure you can use Skype version 8 on your device as the list of supported OS versions has changed. If your OS is no longer supported, you should export your history prior to updating. Visit our update FAQ to learn more.

Thanks for your continued support!

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