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Sarah k Alawami

If ther is I don't know it yet. But I always just tab to the tabs (no pun intended) then right arrow from there. I can also I think pull up the item chooser if I really want to go quicker.

Take care and be blessed.

On 28 Sep 2018, at 15:10, Shaun Oliver wrote:

actually Sarah, if you want to get to the conversations list, press alt+1, and you're there. A command and functionality for those of you that are making unnecessary noise about the incompatibility and usability of Skype 8 that has carried over from older versions. At least, that's the command on Windows, I am unsure as to whether there is the same on the mac, however, it doesn't bother me over much.

On 29/09/2018 06:54, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Te interface is quite predictable. I use it every day and just use my web keys. The chat thing is always tab 1 etc. It really is a breeze to use.

On 28 Sep 2018, at 13:53, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

Yes, this is true. I would like to test it, but Microsoft doesn't assure me that if I won't like it I will be able to just close it and continue to use Skype 7 while it is still available.
The web interface is worse in my opinion because it require more attention and it can't be used blindly without waiting for the screen reader to read what it should read. This is because the commands are not so sure, the interface is not so predictable, it is more flexible and new things can appear and we might push wrong buttons if for example we tab 3 times fast then press enter without waiting for JAWS to read what's on the screen.
This is why the web interface is never faster than a native interface. In addition, we are not so sure if the virtual cursor is on, or the PC cursor, so it involves more attention also.
A common use of Skype 7 and Skype 8 I guess that it is not so different, although for the moment Skype 8 still has some big disadvantages like missing the split view and no global hotkeys, but re-learning the new interface and developing the memory muscle to be able to use it without listening to all messages read by the screen readers might take again a few months at least. Plus supplemental efforts. OK, but I guess there should be some advantages for supplemental efforts. I haven't found them in the articles that praise Skype 8.
I don't say that the new version is worse or better for everybody , because everyone has their own style of working and requirements. I just said that I couldn't find any improvement that matters for me, just like other people that say that they like it for whatever reasons.
So Skype 8 is worse than Skype 7 for me, just like Windows 7 was and will ever be worse than Windows XP for me.
If after many years of learning and changing the style of working the result is that the new product decreases the productivity, than it is clearly a worse and less accessible product. It is not just the fact that on short term it involves some efforts.
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Actually all of them are advantages. I don't like when people, and I've heard this on twitter, not this list, say that skype 8 is inaccessible because it's too hard to use. Not enough people are giving this a chance in my humble opinion. I've ben sing it since prabably October off and on and it has come a long long way. It is faster than 7, easier than 7, and yeah, just works.

We'll see what happens eh?

On 27 Sep 2018, at 23:01, Octavian Rasnita wrote:

I agree. I haven't heard about any real improvement *for the blind*, but I heard just about disadvantages.
For me the biggest disadvantage is the web interface, and this won't be changed for sure.
I have read about the "split view" in the to do list of features, and this is something good if it refers to the possibility of distinct windows for different chats.
Too bad that it was listed as the last to do feature.
I also read something about hotkeys, and this might be also something good if they will provide global hotkeys for accessing Skype from other applications, at least for answering a call.
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This is nothing but propaganda. Almost all the functional stuff that message addresses existed in Skype 7. The window-dressing ... don't know and don't care for obvious reasons.

I had a talk with the Microsoft Disability Help Line today about the loss of a feature conference coordinators need--the ability to add more people to a running/open Skype call. One person told me there's a plus button on the screen to allow answering third and successive callers, but not even Microsoft could find it. MS did tell me that, for now, what I have to do is reject the incoming caller, then use the "Add People" button and call them back! I tried that, and it doesn't always work the way one would think it does, or should, therefore,it's unreliable. The MS DL person took my info and said it would be passed on to the developers.

In my unhumble opinion, development implies forwar/ positive movement. Skype 8 is none of those things.

On 9/27/2018 4:21 PM, Lino Morales wrote:

I read this post and all I can say is let Skype 7.x die! Time to finally time to move on with 8.x and beyond. Now for them to bring back the beautiful audio quality we all enjoyed if 4.x and later.

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From the skype forums This is VIP

https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/forum/skype_featurems/more-info-on-the-update-to-skype-version-8/9cbb5e0d-9305-44f1-8c2a-1e73a7646ef0 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/forum/skype_featurems/more-info-on-the-update-to-skype-version-8/9cbb5e0d-9305-44f1-8c2a-1e73a7646ef0

More info on the update to Skype version 8

Hello, Skype community! We hope you're all enjoying the latest updates to Skype version 8 for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. We wanted to share a few more details on the ongoing update to Skype version 8 https://blogs.skype.com/news/2018/07/16/upgrade-to-the-latest-version-of-skype-for-desktop/ to keep you up to speed on the latest info.

Why update everyone to Skype version 8?

The update from version 7 to version 8 allows us to unify the experience of using Skype across all desktop and mobile platforms. Unlike older versions, all version 8 applications are optimized to work in conjunction with our modern, mobile-friendly cloud services architecture, which has allowed us to deliver features such as video messaging and mobile group video calling over the past couple years. With a unified experience and with all applications now no longer having to support legacy architecture, our engineering teams can deliver features and quality improvements to customers much more quickly.

What can you expect over the next several months?

We're sending an email to people still using older Skype versions so they know the update is coming. We published a blog post and have communicated the change in this forum, but we want to be sure everyone who might be impacted by this change is well-informed. We expect everyone who might be impacted to receive an email notification by the end of October.
Then we'll start requiring people to update to Skype version 8 in waves over the next several months. Not everyone will be required to update at once.
Desktop: First wave begins on 11/1/2018
Mobile devices and tablets: First wave begins on 11/15/2018
We strongly recommend you update now, prior to being required to do so, to avoid any interruption in service. Find out how to download the latest Skype versions here https://www.skype.com/upgrade-skype/.
Skype version 14 is available for Windows 10 PCs in the Microsoft Store for Skype Insiders. It is based on version 8, but has additional features to better integrate with the platform. You can run version 8 for desktop and version 14 for Windows 10 PCs at the same time on your PC. We'll keep releasing updates to version 14 as we update version 8.
We'll continue to update Skype version 8 and version 14 based on your feedback and communicate what's changing as we go.
Your feedback on the update to Skype version 8

Many of you have taken the time to share your thoughts on this update. Thank you. We appreciate it! We learned how important it is to you to maintain feature parity with older Skype versions and we're working towards that goal. Here's a few examples of features we've already brought back based on your feedback and a few more we're going to work on next.

 Working on these now    These are next

Fundamentals Performance improvements
Keyboard shortcuts guide
Show Skype version on sign-in screen Even more performance improvements
Resizable left pane on desktop
Swipe actions on mobile
Calling Setting for a secondary ringing device
Advanced webcam settings
Separate Skype volume control on Mac
Setting for incoming call notifications when in Do Not Disturb mode Indicator for who's talking in large calls
Easier switch between cameras
Select which app or window to share when screensharing
Messaging Find within current conversation
Setting to change font size on desktop
Share a Skype contact
Global conversation search shows more than 20 results
Customize “Enter” or "Return" to send message or add a line
Save-as for audio files like mp3
Hide conversations in chat list
Setting to disable link previews Find in current conversation shows more than 30 results
SMS connect
Contacts/people Setting for allowing Skype to Skype calls only from contacts
Improved availability status
Add phone number as a contact
Global people search shows more than 20 results Add phone number to an existing contact
More control over availability status
Setting for allowing calls to your Skype Number only from contacts
Address book sync on Mac
Store app for Windows 10 PC Improve copy-paste to dialpad
App icon in system tray Split view
Contributing to the Skype community

Have feedback of your own to share? New to the Skype community? There are many places where you can tell us what you think about using Skype! Join the community wherever you're most comfortable and we'll be there.

Reporting problems in Skype

If you need to report a problem and are a Skype Insider using a preview build of Skype, you can submit in the app using the Skype Support Bot to easily submit screenshots and logs for the problem you're experiencing. Use this option when Skype isn't behaving to help us investigate.

Giving feedback in Skype

You can provide feedback on using Skype within the app in the "Help and feedback" section of Settings. Use this to tell us what we should build next.

Surveys in Skype

From time to time, you'll be prompted to provide more information on the Skype experience within Skype. This information is shared with the Skype engineering squads as they prioritize work on their backlogs.

Ratings and reviews in the app stores

This information is retrieved on a regular basis and reported out to the Skype engineering squads to ensure we're trending upwards and to understand what is top of mind for you. You can expect a response from us only when we need more information about a problem you've reported.

Windows Feedback Hub

This is the best place to go if you can consistently reproduce a problem using Skype on Windows 10. It supplies Skype engineers with rich information which makes investigating your problem easier. Be sure to check out the "Recreate my problem" option in the "Additional details" section when submitting your feedback in this app.

UserVoice https://skype.uservoice.com/forums/914527-skype-ideas
This site was created recently to ensure everyone can share ideas on how to improve Skype regardless of which platform you use. As we release updates to the Skype experience, we'll update the submissions on this site to keep you informed. Register today and join the discussion.

Skype Community Forum on Answers https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/skype
Visit this site to get technical support from support agents or participate in discussions with the Skype engineering team. This is where we post the most detailed information about new experiences as they are released to Skype Insiders and then to others within the Skype community.

Twitter https://twitter.com/skypeinsider
Follow @SkypeInsider for all the latest info on new features coming to Skype. Tweet at us if you see anything broken in newly released updates or want to share ideas you have for improving Skype.

Detailed feedback on what you love or hate about Skype is always appreciated. Personal insults or threatening comments are not. As we work together to shape Skype's future, the Skype customer success squad is going to spend more time moderating our feedback channels to ensure they are a positive environment for everyone.

Thank you for supporting Skype.

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