Re: are there scripts for the latest skype eight....and jaws2019?

Randy Tijerina

I just checked insert plus w.
here's what I am hearing.
following are keystrokes to access a menu bar...or whatever.
Nothing to do with skype.

On 9/25/18, Nicki keck <> wrote:

You say JAWS 2019, so I am assuming here that you are using public beta 1
for JAWS 2019? If so, it has built-in skype 8 support. Use the keystrokes
insert+W and insert+H to find out the keystrokes you can use. If you use
the keystrokes available, it is far less clunky to use. HTH.

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eight....and jaws2019?

I think ther was another update as of a few days ago. I would stick with
skype 8 with and or with out scripts as it really is not clunky if you use
your web keys in your screen reader (read its manual for more info) but I
love it and have ben sing skype 8.

Hope you find the scripts.

On 24 Sep 2018, at 17:47, Randy Tijerina wrote:

hi friends...I am seriously thinking of returning to skype 7.
this eight looks clunky!.
However, I'm willing to give it one more shot.
Are there scripts?

i got skype 8..0.35...or something.

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