strange issue

Stephen Troy

good morning
I have a strange issue which I'm hoping one of you guys and gals can
help me resolve.

if you go to tools, options and then either audio or notifications we
see customise sounds for calls, messages, alerts and notifications.

tab once to select whihch events play a sound and you are in a tree
view with 24 options to either check or uncheck as you choose.

that is what I am seeing on my old machine running win7. However, on
the newer laptop with win10 I am only seeing 15 options in this
treeview and I am not hearing an alert when I receive a message.

I am running jaws 2018, latest Skype scripts and Skype 7 on both machines.

any offers as to why I'm not receiving an alert when using the win10 machine?

many thanks in advance



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