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Doug Lee

My add-on is for Skype 8 and is at and not on the page where the NVDA Add-on Manager looks for add-ons. Skype 8 is an Electron app.

My add-on, as someone pointed out earlier in this thread, just cleans up some speech output but does not include a lot of features.

Skype 7, also called Classic, is supported in NVDA by an app module that is distributed as part of NVDA itself.

I hope that clears up any remaining confusion.

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 01:55:34PM -0400, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi I just went to the add ons manager and didn't see skype there at all
I did have the skype seven one and probably still have it. Is it not
there yet for skype 8?

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Hello Ann,

not so much really as far as I can see in the description, it just

avoids some extra double-speaking and some extra information but not a

huge ammount of things imo.

Anyway, in order to figure out if it's on, you can press insert+n with

NVDA running, then go to tools submenu, and choose Manage add-ons. In

the add-ons list, you'll see Skype; make sure it's on, not off.

[Note that since I am using NVDA in italian, translation might not be





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