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Don & Cher

I have a horrible time exiting Skype 7- using JFW latest and Win10 latest. .
As I said earlier, control-Q dials the phone; the file menu is often not
visible and I have the 'Skype' menu instead. Even if the file menu puts in
an appearance, exit does not work. Sometimes I can get the taskbar to pull
down- but usually neither space or enter works. It is a mystery without
resolution for me.


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If you find that Control q doesn't work for any reason, try Alt f (to
open the File menu), and then arrowing up until you find "Quit".

On 09/09/2018 17:53, John Holcomb II wrote:
Also, let me point out that GW Micro merged, but even before that, the
API which they used to interface to Skype is no longer. And its not
coming back.

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/*well friend that isn't working*/

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Joseph, ctrl+Q will exit skype.

please don't make things harder for yourself than they have any
right to be.

there's documentation a plenty to assist you with learning Skype's
new keyboard commands, so I would encourage you and anybody else to
please avail yourselves of the afforementioned documentation.

On 10/09/2018 00:11, Joseph Machise wrote:

question about skype.

/*why is it so hard on skype to exit out, I use the task manager
and with windows7 it doesn't work, have to restart the computer
to get out of skipe, hope someone will redo GW from Joseph. */

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