Re: Proposal a translation of scripts for Skype Electron

Doug Lee

So far I've let translators manage their own distribution of scripts. I know this is not the way NVDA add-ons and official Freedom Scientific scripts work. Years ago I tried to host translated versions, but I got some script
translations that I found out were, shall we say, far less than precise; meaning, the translated versions said things I would not have wanted to say myself. :-) So I never made the effort to streamline the management of
translations. My scripts for Skype Classic, for example, are English on my site; and translators distribute their translations themselves. I don't actually know where the translated versions are for those, but I know they are
maintained because sometimes I get questions from translators.

On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 08:02:21AM +0700, ???????? ???????????????????????? wrote:
Hello Doug Lee!
I???ve made translation of your scripts for Skype Electron
into Russian language. Could it be added into installer to make it
multilingual? Or maybe you can create a separate installer just for Russian
I know that these scripts could be installed by simple coping, but it???s
might not be comfortable for everyone. If it???s of
your interest, I can transfer archive file into some sort of cloud, for
instance Dropbox or Google Drive. Many thanks for this job.
Kind regards, Alkor.

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