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Sarah k Alawami

Well, lookslike the support person made a mistake, or this is some
kind of prink, I'd love to believe the former. Anyway it is now
09-04-2018 and skype classic according to my twittervillions is still
working. So we'll see what happened. I'm surprised that no one got an
answer back from Skype support regarding this tweet. Did no one reply
to said tweet at all?

Take care and have a happy tuesday.

On 9/4/18, John Holcomb II <> wrote:
There will probably be a point when MS will stop letting users of older
Skype Versions connect to the server.

Until that happens, there is no reason why everybody can't use Skype 7.

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Good morning All,
If I read the MS public notice correctly they never said Skype 7 was going
away on Sept 1.
They more clearly said they will no longer support it.
That doesn't mean it will grind to a halt and stop working it just means
don't go to them with questions about it.
Remember they stopped "Supporting" XP years ago but our old XP machines
still work.

Regarding the upgrade message that comes up during Skype 7 cessions, I
learned to just ignore it and what I did was to hit "CTRL 2" key combo and
go right to my new messages or what ever function I wished to use.

One just has to be careful that you always be sure you are not on the
screen or you could accidently start the downloading process of Skype 8.

Even then it's not the end of the world you can cancel out of the process
fairly easily and stop it from happening.

When I read the helpful responses here in the group to those of us who are
having problems I'm very much put at ease that what ever I or anyone else
runs into Doug Lee and others here will come up with a fix for it.

All stay well,
Mike in SC

At 12:59 PM 9/3/2018, you wrote:

It seams that Microsoft gave go ahead silently maybe until April 2019
because even after September first Skype classic is still working for me.
It is another thing that whenever I try to sign in to Skype, it asks me to
update and I use to say no to update it!
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"I don't see the wisdom in putting off the inevitable until April next year
when we all would be forced into the change anyway.".

We also know that we will die someday, so based on the same wisdom,
it doesn't worth to postpone that inevitable moment. :)


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Well said

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Thank You and God bless!

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not
seen." - Hebrews 11:1

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Good evening all,

I thought this topic of Skype 7 going away September 1st was debunked as a
roomer, and the April 2019 target date was still in place?

But in any case, from the conversations we have seen hear in our group,
Skype 8. is workable as a valid upgrade with only a few minor glitches.

Either way I've been planning to up grade this weekend since Skype 7 is
going away anyhow eventually I don't see the wisdom in putting off the
inevitable until April next year when we all would be forced into the

Between Doug Lee's advice and what we share openly between all our capable
members this is just another one of those transitions we go through from
time to time until we get to the other side an put all our concerns behind

If I may share a little personal experience;

I first came into the world of screen readers back in 1987 when all we had
was external speech boxes running on DOS 2.0. LOL

When DOS was going away they were telling all of us in the blind community
to buy up all the latest versions of any DOS software we could get because
the blind will never be able to use windows with its GuI interface of all
pictures and graphics.

Well in hind sight we all know what nonsense that turned out to be.

I rely upon Skype for earning a living and my global communications and
don't look forward to the learning curve and the hours or days of inventing
new work-arounds for all the tasks I must accomplish each day; But if
change is coming then I must be willing to embrace that change along with
the rest of the world.

If we all continue to communicate and share our discoveries we will all be
ok in the end.

For those of us here in the USA, have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend,

For our members outside the States, have a blessed weekend also,

Mike from SC

also At 04:48 PM 8/30/2018, you wrote:

This would be a good question for the disability help desk

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