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inam din

Dear friends, until today I have been using Skype 8 but after a tweet from Skype support, I have uninstalled Skype 8 and installed Skype 7 in order to know what will happen with me on September 2018 which will be tomorrow!

At the moment I’m on 9 30 am on Friday August 31st 2018.

I think that Microsoft will allow us to sign Skype 7 until April 2019.

I’m using Skype classic in order to experience the actual policy of Microsoft in this regard!

As far rumour is concern, no it is not rumor at least more than one tweet from Skype support confirming that Microsoft will no longer support Skype classic after September first 2018.

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Sent: Friday, August 31, 2018 8:53:36 AM
Subject: Re: [skypeenglish] A Very Bad News
Good evening all,
I thought this topic of Skype 7 going away September 1st was debunked as a roomer,  and the April 2019 target date was still in place?

But in any case, from the conversations we have seen hear in our group, Skype 8. is workable as a valid upgrade with only a few minor glitches.

Either way I've been planning to up grade this weekend since Skype 7 is going away anyhow eventually I don't see the wisdom in putting off the inevitable until April next year when we all would be forced into the change anyway.

Between Doug Lee's advice and what we share openly between all our capable members this is just another one of those transitions we go through from time to time until we get to the other  side an put all our concerns behind us.

If I may share a little personal experience;
I first came into the world of screen readers back in 1987 when all we had was external speech boxes running on DOS 2.0. LOL
When DOS was going away they were telling all of us in the blind community to buy up all the latest versions of any DOS software we could get because the blind will never be able to use windows with its GuI interface of all pictures and graphics.

Well in hind sight we all know what nonsense  that turned out to be.

I rely upon Skype for earning a living and my global communications and don't look forward to the learning curve and the hours or days of inventing new work-arounds for all the tasks I must accomplish each day;  But if change is coming then I must be willing to embrace that change along with the rest of the world.

If we all continue to communicate and share our discoveries we will all be ok in the end.

For those of us here in the USA, have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend,
For our members outside the States, have a blessed weekend also,

Mike from SC

also  At 04:48 PM 8/30/2018, you wrote:
This would be a good question for the disability help desk

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