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Doug Lee

Hidden by default, you say. Does this mean you know a way to make a menubar surface in Skype 8 for Windows Desktop? I only glanced quickly, but I saw no indication in window, MSAA, or UIA structures that a menubar is present at
all in the application; so I assumed that the Alt+F/E/H etc. hotkeys were simply tied directly to functions without there being an associated menubar. When you say File etc. have no underlined letters though, it again sounds
like you have seen an actual menubar somehow.

On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 10:59:06AM +0300, Kostadin Kolev wrote:
Hello Doug,

Actually, strangely enough, there is a menubar in Skype 8 Desktop (at
least in the one for Windows). The menubar however is hidden by default
and it is not visually on the screen. When Alt is pressed though, the
focus does not move to it. I've reported this bug to Microsoft via the
Feedback Hub in Windows 10, but this hasn't been fixed yet, even in the
insider builds of Skype 8 Desktop.

And by the way, the people using Skype 8 in english are lucky to be
able to use keyboard commands such as Alt+F, Alt+E, etc. When Skype 8
is in bulgarian for example, those commands do not work at all. In most
localized to bulgarian applications, pressing Alt+F (that is the
equivalent of F for the cyrillic alphabet), opens the "File" menu if
available. In Skype 8 however, even that does not work. And no surprise
that it does not - there are no accelerators defined for those menus in
the bulgarian translation of Skype 8 (there are no letters there
underlined). The reason for no accelerators may be automated
translation of those menus - who knows...

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

Na 29.8.2018 g. v 10:26, Doug Lee napisa:

The Alt+F/E/H etc. commands are probably provided for our convenience. To my kno
wledge, there is actually no menu bar in Skype 8; so the Alt key will not go any
where by itself.

I think you are taken to a website to edit your location, but I don't fully unde
rstand your paragraph about that process.

On Wed, Aug 29, 2018 at 03:53:48PM +0930, Marvin Hunkin via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi. when I go to my profile and then try to change the town I am in, no
longer in that town, and if I then type in the edit field for skype
8.29, and then or skype windows 8.28, windows 10 64 bit pro and using
jaws 2018. Then if I press on the menu, takes me to the skype site or
signs me out. Is there a way to change it, did change it on the site,
but not sure if changed in the app. Also with jaws, if I press alt,
nothing happens and cannot move left and right arrow, have to press alt
f, e, v, t, h etc.

Any ideas or work arounds and has any one posted this bug feedback to


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