Re: skype/phone for a radio station.

Sarah k Alawami

So wait, you had the account blocked, by skype? Or by someone else? I don’t really know how that could have happened as we did this all the time when I was with several stations and skype never saw a problem with it. We just used the same station’s user name and pass words. That way they just thought. it was one person signing in.

On 20 Aug 2018, at 5:36, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi listers, ken here with a question. Our out-of-sight radio has set up a skype account for the station so that we DJs can take requests live, but there is a problem. In order to use it we must sign into it with our skype. As each of us tries signing in and signing out switching to our own regular skype accounts the station’s skype ends up being blocked. One of our DJs has set up a skype account specificly for his show but that seems like too much of a mess if all of us have our own accounts. Just like if all of us are using different email accounts for requests. So my question is this. Is there any way we can have one skype account/phone number for listeners to use and not have to worry about all the DJs signing in and out of it. Is there a way to loop the already existing account for the station so that which ever DJ is on air can field requests in the same way all of our email addresses are linked to the station’s email address?  Thanks. 


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