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Steve Gladstone

For what it's worth, I was speaking to Microsoft Accessibility thru the
specialized help app of "Be My Eyes" and they were unaware of all the drama
with Skype 8 and JAWS. They suggested that someone who was knowledgeable
regarding the difficulties to contact them thru "Be My Eyes" so they could
be aware of it and offer help towards a solution. A little communication
might go a long way here.

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The page was loading completely; the material you're used to seeing on that
page has been reorganized though, and is still undergoing a bit of
reorganization. The Users Guide for the Skype 8 scripts now includes the
download link and can be reached from the "Latest user guide" link on the
page you saw. I am in the process of adding material to explain this change
across a growing number of projects.

For the curious, my plan for website format is now becoming this:
- For JAWS-only projects, the main page for each project becomes the user
guide for the scripts, which itself contains any required download links.
- For JAWS+NVDA projects, the main page is a menu from which you can go to
JAWS or NVDA branches.

I don't actually like the second part of that very well, so I may further
simplify that path at some point. The goal here though is to get out of the
very old system I've been using that has long confused people by mentioning
versions, revisions, and releases, all with different meanings. Also, the
actual web content for each project is now becoming part of that project in
version control, which scales a lot more effectively than what I did before
when I have a lot of projects. At last count, I see over 160 projects in
which I've had an active hand.

On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 02:53:32PM +0100, Pete via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Doug,

Thanks for letting us know about your page, I tried to download your latest
Electron revision but the page only partially loads, will try again later.

Pete H.

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Subject: [skypeenglish] Skype Classic scripts moved

My main Skype script page,, is now a jump-off
point for all of my Skype-related projects (scripts and NVDA add-on for
Skype 8, scripts for Skype UWP, scripts for Skype 7, and Clisk).

The new home for Skype 7 (Classic) scripts is

You can of course still reach the Classic scripts from the main page.

Other related script sets remain where they have always been:
Skype 8 scripts and NVDA add-on at
Skype UWP scripts at

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