Re: Issue with making a call on the latest version of Skype using Mac OS high Sierra

Sarah k Alawami

So you also don’t have the problem the person is having in placing calls? Yeah works here for me. Either somethingn is wrong with ther skype or their keyboard is braking or something. I hope they can get it fixed.

On 11 Aug 2018, at 9:11, adrian via Groups.Io wrote:

I love the new skype I find it easy to use on the Mac.

On Aug 11, 2018, at 10:02 AM, Sarah k Alawami marrie12@... wrote:

No, no bug. I hit enter on my student’s chat, hit command shift r and the thing went to make a call and it worked. We had our class. Command shift h did the same thing, but hung up the call. Really rocking this new skype.

You might want to try resetting skype all-together with clean my mac or some other software like that. Then try again. Tre might be a file that’s gone bad. On 11 Aug 2018, at 7:14, Michele Barbi wrote:

Quite strange, unless there is a bug with Skype 8.27 for Mac which I did not test myself but I’ll do soon. Other thing you can do is, disregard the edit box and try pressing cmd+shift+r anyway. Bye! Barbuz

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