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Lino Morales

Good points Ken. Now stop the bitching and complainig folks.


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I’m really at a loss to understand why so many on this list are in such an fit about this. I have found skype 8 actually easier. They just updated it. Look how long it took for all of windows 10 to work. This isn’t Microsoft it’s the industry generally. There in such a rush largely because in business unfortunately you have deadlines. It’s not the end of the world if we blind skype users have to relearn something is it?  From my perspective skype eight looks easier. For one thing I don’t have to go to the system tray or task manager to shut it down. Also I had a strange issue with 7.4. when I’d end a missed all, and I’d get that show hidden conversations and I do that suddenly everything just vanished. All NVDA said was “paine. Skype was still there but it was as if NVDA had gone blind.  To fix it had to shut skype down and restart it.  I have only discovered one curious thing that is skype can’t seem to see my plentronics headset microphone. It only recognizes the realtech high def sound card for my external speaker and the desktop mic. Obviously something has to be changed so I can use skype with either. So there are things I still need to learn like how to hear voicemails and some other things.  I think Microsoft has backtracked because sighted users don’t like skype’s look. Just like sighted users hated windows 8 and 8.1.  it had no windows desktop and or the classic start menue. So much was wow touch screens the wave of the future. But this is the way with tech companies these days. It is so competitive and so much of get this done now that sometimes. Quality control issues and or bugs come up. Look how many times and how often IOS has some issue with an update. If it’s not braille display it’s something with voice-over. There is nothing wrong with having to relearn how to use something is there.  Isn’t that really what this list is all about?  We as blind/visually impaired sholdn’t bellyache every time something new comes out in an older product. As a member of technology division of national federation of the blind of NJ I’m very aware of the  need for accessible products but sometimes it’s we the blind who must learn to adapt. I felt the same way about the end of the braille division in NFB and it becoming a committee. I emailed both national and state presidents stating that I thought it was a major step backwards and wanted to be sure that as a committee rather than a division we wouldn’t lose or at very least scale back the federation’s commitment to braille. I will be losing a board seat with the division being downgraded to a committee. I am also assuming the office of president of the friends of the NJ library for the blind. Since they serve all blind in NJ I needed to know what if anything to tell the members of the friends. Would they shoulder more of the task of bettering braille literacy. The reasons for the downgrade have been explained and it’s not that the mission is accomplished but rather apparently in some places membership in state divisions is down and the need to bring members more actively into other parts of NFB is there.  In our state we have a very strong braille division so the downgrade probably won’t be too much noticed. Also our braille division members are all very active in other parts.  So you see folks we sometime have to adapt. We can’t expect Microsoft or anyone else to adapt for us.  That doesn’t mean we stop educating tech companies but we should stop demanding of them. We should teach as well as learn. 

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I suffer a bit of industrial deafness myself, due to working in a band

and years of radio work, both terestrial and internet.



while customising the sounds would be nice, it's not a show stopper for me.




On 10/08/2018 08:48, John Holcomb II wrote:

> Some people have  hearing impairments, like me. Being able to change the sound to something that wil more easily be heard would be a nice option. Take Skype for iPhone. What if the person has a low/mid frequency loss and needs something very high pitched in order to hear the ring?

> Not all people with hard of hearing issues have braille displays.

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> customisable sounds? not an issue. the ringing sound I hear quite plainly. as for an API for external programs to utilise, why? that then turns what is using limited resources in to a resource hog, and nobody likes a resource hog.

> On 10/08/2018 08:19, Andre Polykanine wrote:

>> Hello Shaun,

>> 3. Sounds are not customizable. I still use classic sounds in Skype 7,

>> and  I'll  give  you a reason for that: when I'm away from my PC and I

>> hear  that loud old-fashioned  phone  ringing from my headphones,  I

>> know  someone  wants my attention  in  Skype. Was it too hard to implement in a newer version?

>> I'm 100% sure it was not.






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