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Shaun Oliver

I suffer a bit of industrial deafness myself, due to working in a band and years of radio work, both terestrial and internet.

while customising the sounds would be nice, it's not a show stopper for me.

On 10/08/2018 08:48, John Holcomb II wrote:
Some people have hearing impairments, like me. Being able to change the sound to something that wil more easily be heard would be a nice option. Take Skype for iPhone. What if the person has a low/mid frequency loss and needs something very high pitched in order to hear the ring?
Not all people with hard of hearing issues have braille displays.

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customisable sounds? not an issue. the ringing sound I hear quite plainly. as for an API for external programs to utilise, why? that then turns what is using limited resources in to a resource hog, and nobody likes a resource hog.
On 10/08/2018 08:19, Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hello Shaun,
3. Sounds are not customizable. I still use classic sounds in Skype 7,
and I'll give you a reason for that: when I'm away from my PC and I
hear that loud old-fashioned phone ringing from my headphones, I
know someone wants my attention in Skype. Was it too hard to implement in a newer version?
I'm 100% sure it was not.

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