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Well it wouldn't need to exist for just anyone. Or it could be just a
vanilla chat bot that can interface with the IM program of your choice.

Shawn Klein


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I've messaged people when I was off line, except I was not off line. I was
invisible. Yeah it looks liek a spammer. There is no way a scheduear exists
for skype. I've googled for one myself. I think the person had a good sence
of time.

Take care.

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Hi list, ken here. a strange one the other day a person wanted to add me as
contact and I did but at about 2 hours apart for each this person messaged
me with things like hey there or hello and in each case the person was
offline. these messages again all happened at about two hour intervles how
can someone message you if they aren't online line. it's as if the person
had their skype set automaticly to message people every two hours. removed
them from contacts do to suspicious activity. was this some kind of a
spammer/stalker/sexual type?

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