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yeah caught one while this chick added me we were chatting on skype and she ignored the blindness references and gives herself away. I think this was the same type her or it?s skype name was Peachkitten56 or peach-kitten the chats popped up 2 hours apart as if on a timer smelled a rat and deleted. yeah the delete key is a handy dandy think on a keyboard ain?t it.

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They were probably set to invisible. That being said, there?s been a great rise over the past few years of strange people adding you so they can try to hook you with a phishing scam, they?re often pornographic bots who have a few stock phrases in their vocabulary. They shouldn?t be hard to recognize as such, but you can?t just accept just anybody anymore and assume they?re a friend of a friend, or someone who got your name from this list or that that you?re on..

Shawn Klein


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Hi list, ken here. a strange one the other day a person wanted to add me as contact and I did but at about 2 hours apart for each this person messaged me with things like hey there or hello and in each case the person was offline. these messages again all happened at about two hour intervles how can someone message you if they aren?t online line. it?s as if the person had their skype set automaticly to message people every two hours. removed them from contacts do to suspicious activity. was this some kind of a spammer/stalker/sexual type?

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