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Doug Lee

This has slowly become easier, but I still make navigation mistakes when doing it; so I tend to try to stay in each screen reader for a fairly large block of time. As it happens, I now have several active JAWS scripting
contracts; so my NVDA time has, not to make too bad a pun of it, contracted a bit. :-)

Just for general interest btw, a few comparisons. These are all my observations and opinions. As a side note, I wrote most of this before recalling that I'm writing to the SkypeEnglish list rather than to an NVDA add-on
developer list; so any non-tech folk may freely exit here if they wish. :-)

- JAWS scripting documentation is more centralized and organized, though the NVDA community is actively working on this.

- The NVDA community has considerably heavier structure expectations than the JAWS community on coding projects. This is largely because the NVDA community considers NVDA add-ons to be a part of NVDA and thus wants add-ons to
be subject to similar quality expectations.

- The NVDA community offers an automatic translation system for add-on writers. If an add-on can come up to the structural requirements and the author can meet the requirements of that system, translation to many languages
becomes easier in NVDA than in JAWS. To date, I have not managed to get any of my add-ons to qualify, however. This is up to me, by the way, and no fault of the NVDA community.

- Python, the language of choice for NVDA add-ons, allows much more to be done in far less code than is true for JAWS scripting. The trick, I find, is figuring out exactly what to do. :-) As a concrete example, I tend to add
output to the JAWS SayWindowTitle command to improve the user's knowledge of what is key about the current screen. To do this in JAWS, I override the SayWindowTitle script. To do this in NVDA, I could likewise override the
script for that command but have no easy way to call the original version if I do. This means I either have to recode that command myself, or find a way to "chain" mine to the original, as I do in JAWS. I prefer the latter,
but that turned out to be quite the exercise when I started playing with it a few months ago. Consistent with my current point, it does not require a lot of code; but the code that is required is not necessarily easy to

- In some cases, NVDA is better at determining a name for the active application. JAWS can return the name of a DLL used by the active application instead of the name of the application itself. Cisco Jabber is a major example:
JAWS may return any of over 20 DLL names where NVDA just returns the .exe name.

- On the other side of that coin, JAWS includes a system for scripting individual websites, where NVDA does not. JAWS may also be ahead of NVDA in the scriptability of Electron apps, though I am not yet certain of this.

- JAWS places no licensing restrictions on third-party scripts. NVDA requires all add-ons to be covered by the GNU license, version 2. Though much confusion exists over this, this situation is abundantly clear to me: Every NVDA
add-on must be open-source. As a rule, I'm fine with this and find it refreshing not to have to worry about licensing and ownership issues in some cases; but this regulation can also come at an occasional cost. For example, a
few years ago, I worked on a three-month contract that required me to sign an agreement saying I would not contribute any code to any GNU project for the duration of that contract. For three months, I can do that; but as a
personal commitment, I would not sign on to that sort of agreement long term. The concerns giving rise to that requirement related to intellectual property and trade secrets, and I consider these valid concerns but concerns
that would take too long to explain in this slist of points.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 11:39:42AM -0400, Jerry Pryde wrote:
Is it easy to alternate between NVDA and JAWS?

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I don't consider myself ready to prepare add-ons for that page in most
cases, for both time and know-how reasons. I am not opposed to getting them
there at some point, but I have no timeline for it yet.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 03:04:29PM +0000, Lino Morales wrote:
Hi Sugar. If you can't afford updating JAWS I highly recommend NVDA.


As Doug already stated there is an NVDA add-on that works with Skype
8.25. Speaking of that add-on, Doug you need to upload that to the NVDA
community add-ons pages.

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have you thought of System Access to go for Skype 8.25
It works very well with System Access to go
On 7/30/2018 9:47 AM, Michele Barbi wrote:
> Hi Sugar and all.
> I recently checked the system requirements for Skype UWP, and figured
> out that yeah they require JAWS 18. Since you're using 17, if you are
> not able to upgrade, better for you to use Skype 8.25 for Windows
> desktop. The scripts are available at [3]
> I don't have a direct link for Skype though at the moment.
> Bye!
> Barbuz



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